• Easy pineapple & carrot pancakes
    There is a thing about carrots. While they are pretty tasty on their own, they are exquisite when paired with another flavor. Unless you’re a newbie in a world of online recipe sharing or you’ve lived under the rock for the last 10 years, it is probably nothing new for you.You may even have your…
  • FAB carrot muffins
    If you are looking for ways to limit the amount of sugar and fats that you consume but you still want something delicious for a daily dessert, these FAB muffins are definetely something to try. Sweet and moist, they are a perfect treat to go with your afternoon coffee.
  • Veggie of the month – CARROT
    Ladies and Gentelmen, I would like to officially greet you in this new thrilling blog series about the most courageous, beautiful, life-changing heroes of any vegan pantry – THE VEGGIES! Hahahhaa, I guess I could go on with this attitude but it’s getting a little creepy after a while (I mean, who the hell gets…
  • Introduction to a minimal wardrobe
    Close your eyes and think about your perfect morning. You wake up fresh and rested before your alarm clock starts ringing. Actually, you don’t have an alarm clock because… Well, because it’s a fantasy world. 😉 Anyways, you get up, open your closet and you see shelves full of perfectly matching shirts folded KonMari style….
  • Fab waffles – easy, vegan & delicious
    In the time of anxiety and social distancing even from those few people that you actually don’t mind having around, there are ways to make everything slightly better. One of these ways is to waffle up.



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