Veggie of the month – CARROT

Ladies and Gentelmen,

I would like to officially greet you in this new thrilling blog series about the most courageous, beautiful, life-changing heroes of any vegan pantry – THE VEGGIES! Hahahhaa, I guess I could go on with this attitude but it’s getting a little creepy after a while (I mean, who the hell gets soooo excited about vegetables?!… Me…!) so I’ll just try to minimize the enthusiasm and stick with the facts and the most delicious, yummylicious (?) and mouth-watering recipes that I found online. Also, I’m gonna share some of my kept-secret well-tested recipes that I’ve been storing in my recipe notebooks for years (prepare for some funny secret ingredients because there are maaaany!).

Carrot is a silent hero of a plant-based pantry.
Carrot is a silent hero of a plant-based pantry.

Rules of the VOM Game

Anyways, how is it going to work? The rules of the game are simple:

  1. Each month I’ll share a veggie of the month here and on Instagram.
  2. For each VOM (<– Veggie of the Month) I’ll haul the best-looking vegan recipes featuring our VOM as one of the main ingredients. I’ll be trying some of them out and sharing my opinion on Instagram and here (I’ll edit the post at the end of the month to include my opinion).
  3. I’ll share my own recipes for the VOM in a separate posts – many of them are a deeply-kept secret and include lots of little tricks & twicks that make them especially yummy.
  4. There is a section on my Pinterest profile that is dedicated to this series. You’ll find there all the recipes that I included there and many, many more that didn’t make the cut (but are still such an inspiration to get cooking). Feel free to browse and be inspired.
  5. I’d love if you joined me in my tests and shared your results in the comment section and on Instagram.
  6. The official hashtags for the series are #VOM and #VeggieOfTheMonth. Please use them as often as you want, especially if you use any of the recipes I share. Also, please tag me on Instagram.
Carrot is one of the few veggies that taste amazing raw, cooked, baked or fried.

Veggie of the month – JUNE

June is officially the month of CARROTS. Why? If you ever had young carrot smoothie then you know the answer. Obviously, spring and summer are going to abound in tasty fruit and vegetables but I like the simplicity and versatility of carrot so why not start with this orange beauty.

Is carrot healthy?

Yeah, I guess it’s safe to say that carrot is one healthy veggie. A 100 g serving (2 cups of grated carrot) provides more than 100% of a daily value of vitamin A (for the eyes!). It is also a good source of vitamin K (so you don’t bleed to death with a tiny scratch) and vitamin B6 (for everything! Seriously, you don’t want to be missing B6!). And did I mention that it is sweet (especially the inner core) and has very few calories? You’d have to eat 25 carrots to eat 1500 kcal (which is the minimal amount of calories recommended if you want to lose weight in a healthy way). Let me tell ya – That’s a lot of carrot!

Anyways, you’ll find all the nutrition info about carrot here, if you are interested.

Best carrot recipes

Below, you’ll find the tastiest, the prettiest, the easiest recipes featuring carrot that I found online. The recipes are numbered but do not be mistaken. There is no order in the recipes from tastiest to the yuckiest or from the ugliest to the most beautiful. However, throughout the month I’ll try to test as many recipes as I can and I’ll add my personal review to most of them. I encourage you to do the same and we’ll compare the notes. 🙂

In order to become a member of this incredible bunch, a recipe needs to be on the healthy side (no palm oil, trans fats, corn syrup etc.), 100% vegan (no dairy, no eggs, no weird additives that have animal products in them), and be easy to recreate at home (no fancy ingredients that you need to order online from Antarctica or Barbados – sorry, all the viewers from Barbados. I still love you.). Ready? Let’s dive in:

1. Carrot bacon

I must say, I have a problem with so-called “vegan meats”. Big suppliers, such as Beyond Meat, have access to colorants, additives, and machines (not to mention labs that test literally thousands of recipes before creating anything worth selling) that we can only dream of. I think that homemade vegan bacon is more of a dupe of an actual bacon rather than a knock-off. If you want something to add to your morning scrambled eggs scrambled tofu on a lazy Sunday morning, then this carrot bacon by Yumsome is going to be your new best friend.

Doesn’t it look super tasty and crunchy? Yumm! No wonder the blog’s name is Yumsome! 😉
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

I didn’t have all the ingredients needed in this recipe (Liquid smoke is very hard to come by where I live) but I made it with what I had and it was very good. It didn’t quite give me the bacon vibe because it wasn’t as crispy (maybe it’s a matter of getting the temperature and baking time right) but it was still very, very tasty. A yummy addition to a leftover sandwich with some veggies and a millet burger.

2. Carrot cake

There is something special about a carrot cake. It has carrots in the name so it’s gotta be healthy, right? But it’s cake so it’s bound to be delicious as well. It’s like eating a cake and having a cake at the same time (pun intended). A carrot cake, to be exact. 😉

I must be honest here. There are LOADS of vegan carrot cake recipes online and you can try whichever you like and it will probably be very tasty. However, I chose Amanda of Mindful Avocado’s post because her pictures are to die for. So white and airy, they make me wanna start baking at this very moment even though I’ve run out of carrots but hey, I want that image in my kitchen as well…

How beautiful is this picture, right? I look at it and I want that cake! And those tiles! And those nails, too… 😉
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

Full disclosure: I haven’t made it yet because it seems like a lot of work. However, I’m going to make it in August for my husband’s birthday. He’s a carrot cake fanatic. 😉

3. Vegan sushi with carrots

When it comes to suchi (which I loooooove!) I prefer my futomaki (it’s sushi with at least 4 ingredients in it and I like them best) to have something moist in them. Usually, it’s vegan cottage cheese but I’ve been seeing lots of recipes lately that use sweet potato puree or avocado instead. And well, call me intrigued because they look seriously awesome.

Yummylicious! This guacamole/tofu/carrot/spinach sushi by Blooming Nolwenn is looking very tasty.
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

Sushi is definetely way over my cooking skill level. I love the way it looks. I’d love to try it but I don’t think I’ll ever make it myself. Sorry, guys.

4. Carrot juice

Carrot juice is a staple. It should be distributed among kindergarden children to instill the love of vegetables. It should be added to each hospital meal in order to teach patients that diet can cure (or at least reverse the negative effects of bad dietary habits). There should be a carrot juice national holiday and we’d drink it like champagne on New Year’s Eve. Yes. This is how much I love carrot juice. It is easy on the guts, extremely healthy and very very tasty. And it’s 100% plant-based.

As long as you keep your carrots as a base, you could add basically any fruit and vegetable to the mix and still get a pretty decent (at least) tasting juice. I’ve chosen Justine’s recipe because she somehow managed to make unpeeled carrots look pretty whereas mine always look like little dirty penises that somehow turned orange and happened to be in my picture. (<— this does give a complete new sense to the term “vegan food porn”, doesn’t it? 😉 )

Carrot like apples. And apples like carrots.
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

Looooved it. I’m definetely going to add it to our healthy morning’s routine. I skipped the ginger because I’m not a fan but the lemon gave it a beautiful color and nice flavor. Great base for further experimentation.

5. Carrot french fries

Carrot french fries have the same vibe as carrot bacon. They are not quite there (and honestly, I don’t think I wand them to be) but they give you the same sensation while eating + they are a little bit healthier than the original potato fries. Also, these here are baked so they don’t need as much oil as the deep fried ones. Tania of Cooktoria also uses paprika for added taste (I’d choose roasted). Altogether, looks like a very nice snack. Imagine yourself on a late Friday night, a glass of red wine in your hand and some old movie rolling on your computer. Sounds pretty awesome, right? (Other people’s presence is not required hence this is an introvert’s guide! 😉 .

Baked carrot french fries with paprika and cilantro are a perfect date night snack.
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

It’s such an easy and decadent treat to make. Takes literary couple of minutes and is extremely tasty. I guess there is something about the sweet-oily combo of carrots and olive oil that just makes it so tasty. Great movie night snack.

6. Carrot cake pancakes

Let me tell you a secret. If you’re making a recipe with carrots and you name it “carrot” something, it sounds healthy. But as soon as you name it “Carrot Cake” whatever, it turns into a decadent food porn that makes people hungry in an instant. It’s the magic of the carrot cake spreading onto all things carrot.

Anyways, carrot pancakes seem like such a great choice when you’re feel like eating something sweet but still on the healthy side. Jasmine & Chris of Sweet Simple Vegan add cinnamon and nuts to the batter and I’m itching to give it a try. I bet it smells amazing.

Guys, this picture is everything. If the real thing tastes half as good as it looks in this pic I’m dying to give it a try.
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

I made them once. Not sure if I did everything according to the recipe but they tasted very similar to my own pancake recipe. The addition of flaxseed didn’t make much difference (Did I do something wrong? Didn’t add enough? Didn’t wait long enough? Hmmm…). IMO it was an unnecessary step unless you add flaxseed for the health benefits.

7. Carrot Cake Energy Balls

See up there – carrot cake energy balls. Sounds pretty decadent, doesn’t it? Well, Allie of Three Little Chickpeas seems to know her way around the kitchen. Her recipe for energy balls (which my son calls “power balls” and I like the sound of it) is right up my alley. There are dates for sweetness, oats for fiber and cashews for creaminess. The only problem I have with these energy balls is that you should probably limit yourself to one ball a day and it’s gonna be extremely hard because these little beauties are delicious.

So easy to make… So easy to eat ’em all… 😉
EDIT: End of the month REVIEW:

Energy balls are a great quick snack. I think I may have not chopped my carrots fine enough because we could definitely feel bigger chunks while eating. So I guess it’s on me for hurrying with the recipe. And did it stop my kids from eating ALL OF THEM within 24h? Nope! It did not. This recipe is a keeper.

Last thoughts

This is it for today. I hope this post encouraged you to try some of the recipes I shared and check out all the beautiful blogs that they come from. Even though not all the blogs I shared today are vegan, I feel that you can easily “veganize” most of their recipes and find inspiration for creating something as beautiful and as tasty in your own kitchen.

EDIT: End of the month thoughts:

This post is a part of the Veg of the Month series. This month VOM was carrot.
Apart from other bloggers’ recipes I’ve added some of my own favorites:
Easy pineapple & carrot pancakes;
FAB carrot muffins;
Also, I’ve gathered lots of interesting recipes on my VOM Pinterest board so be sure to check it out.

Thank you for being a part of our community (should I say tribe? The word’s trendy nowadays… 😉 If you use any of my recipes or share it with family & friends on social media, I’d appreciate if you tagged me ( on Instagram)and used the hashtag: #VOM and #VeggieOfTheMonth.


  1. Allie
    July 9, 2020

    What a delightful list of carrot recipes! Lots of new ideas to try in the kitchen and
    thank you so much for sharing my recipe for carrot cake energy balls!

    1. Emmaline
      July 9, 2020

      Thank you. And your balls (haha, that doesn’t sound right… 😉 are a great addition to the list. I’ve just updated with my review and I should do the same on Your blog. Just so that’s clear – We LOVED them! <3


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